• Minister D'Ambrosio announces Future Industries Fund Sector Growth Program for Victorian Businesses
  • Sector Growth Program Guidelines
  • FAPM joins the VACC

Effective representations by FAPM were integral to the establishment of the first Passenger Motor Vehicle Manufacturing Plan in 1965.  Representations and inputs to successive governments considering amendments to these plans have continued to be a major and successful focus for the Federation.  The FAPM's activities also cover a wide range of services:

  • Consultations with all levels of government on matters affecting the industry.
  • Regular discussions with vehicle builders and governments in relation to matters of competitiveness, quality, vehicle safety standards and pollution controls.
  • Production of The Australian Automotive Industry Products Directory which lists who makes what in the industry.
  • Provision of a statistical service covering production, registrations, stocks, imports and exports.
  • Enabling interested members to be part of Standards Australia's standards drafting committees.
  • Conducting regular regional group meetings so that members have access to the latest developments within the industry.
  • Maintaining a library of selected documents relating to the automotive industry here and overseas.
  • Providing access to a worldwide unique product liability and recall insurance scheme at attractive premium rates.
  • Providing regular ACIS Duty Credit brokerage sales.

The FAPM organisational structure is designed to provide members with goods and services that will enable them to reduce costs, improve quality, increase exports and enhance their international competitiveness.


Membership of the FAPM confers the following benefits:

Advisory Services
•    Access to a range of advisory services, including on ACIS.

ACIS Credit Brokerage
•    Access to the FAPM’s ACIS brokerage service. This service has delivered to members the highest rate of return on their ACIS credits year on year at close to 100 cents in the dollar. The service also maintains the value of ACIS credits for suppliers by effectively putting a floor under the credits to ensure they retain the highest possible value.

Australian Automotive Industry Products Directory
•    The opportunity to list in the Australian Automotive Industry Products Directory, which is used extensively by MVPs and Tier 1s to source. More than 10,000 copies of the directory are distributed in Australia and overseas each year.

Conferences, workshops and meetings
•    Discounted registration for the automotive industry’s premier annual convention in July.
•    Opportunities to attend workshops, information sessions and meetings of direct importance to automotive suppliers.

Industry insurance
•    Access to the member-only Automotive Product Recall and Liability Insurance scheme, providing tailor-made cover at a substantially discounted premium.

Industry and trade policy
•    The opportunity to develop automotive policy through FAPM committees and executive council.
•    The opportunity to help the FAPM in its representational work to:
     .   maximise opportunities for local suppliers to access supply chain
     .   enhance the scope for suppliers to access export markets
     .   ensure the industry’s interests are protected during the negotiation of free trade agreements
     .   remove impediments to the industry’s growth and success
     .   influence regulatory developments affecting the automotive industry
     .   improve the industry’s research and development base.

Supplier capability development
•    Access to ASEA supplier capability benchmarking and development programs.
•    Participation in the FAPM Benchmarking and Learning Program.

Industry networking
•    Opportunities to network regularly with customers, other suppliers, industry experts and government decision makers at FAPM meetings and events.
•    Opportunities to take part in joint FAPM-MVP strategic supplier conferences.

Market access and global supply chain opportunities
•    Opportunities to secure key meetings and supply contracts in the US through participation in Team Automotive Australia’s market activities and in-country specialist services.
•    Opportunities to gain supply contracts in response to sourcing inquiries and requests for quote from MVPs and Tier 1 suppliers in Australia and overseas. The FAPM does not provide these leads to non-member companies.
•    Participation in overseas market access missions and initiatives, and opportunities to meet industry delegations visiting Australia in search of new suppliers or joint ventures.

Quality publications
•    TS16949 manuals at heavily discounted rates. The FAPM is the sole source of these publications in Australia.

Statistics and forecasts
•    Access to Australian vehicle registration statistics at a discounted rate, saving members $1500 per year.
•    Access to the industry’s most accurate and up-to-date production forecasts to enable members to more reliably plan their business operations.

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