• Minister D'Ambrosio announces Future Industries Fund Sector Growth Program for Victorian Businesses
  • Sector Growth Program Guidelines
  • FAPM joins the VACC

The basic policy objectives of the Federation are:

  • to promote the interests and welfare of the automotive components industry in particular and the motor vehicle manufacturing industry in Australia in general;
  • to encourage and support Government policies which support the operation of a large and diverse industry engaged in the manufacture of motor vehicles and automotive components;
  • to support and promote the development in Australia of an increasingly efficient and internationally competitive motor vehicle industry.

Specific policy objectives pursued by the Federation over the years, are to implement actions and support actions taken by others aimed at:

  • taking cost out of the product of the Australian motor vehicle industry;
  • putting quality into the product of the Australian motor vehicle industry;
  • improving the product and manufacturing technology of the Australian industry;
  • expanding the market in Australia and overseas for Australian motor vehicles and components;
  • raising the image and public perceptions of the Australian motor vehicles industry;
  • developing information and databases of value to FAPM and its members.
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