• Minister D'Ambrosio announces Future Industries Fund Sector Growth Program for Victorian Businesses
  • Sector Growth Program Guidelines
  • FAPM joins the VACC

Automotive Member

The following may be admitted as members of the Federation.

A company engaged in manufacture in Australia of products specifically designed for the construction, assembly, repair, and/or maintenance, and/or servicing of motor vehicles. Products should be of Australian origin or otherwise have planned production of a satisfactory range of products within a reasonable period.

Industry Member
The following may be admitted as industry members of the Federation any person or corporation or any delegate of any unincorporated organisation body or firm, whose aims and objectives support or complement those of the Federation or who or which supplies or services the automotive components industry.

An associate member shall:

  • be entitled to receive notices of general meetings and to attend thereat;
  • not be entitled to vote at any general meeting; and
  • not be entitled to hold office as a member of the Executive Office.

To join FAPM

Please download and fill the FAPM Membership Application Form and return it to the FAPM.

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