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The FAPM is a credible and influential national industry body. It is recognised as the voice of the automotive components sector in Australia.  It is the only organisation that represents the specific needs and interests of the automotive components sector to Commonwealth and State governments, government departments, the vehicle manufacturers and other stakeholders.

There are a multitude of issues confronting automotive suppliers in Australia, and the FAPM helps its members effectively meet those challenges.

The unity of members and the strength of member support continues to be pivotal in setting the policy environment for the automotive sector in Australia.

The FAPM was instrumental in 2001 in the Federal Government’s review of the automotive industry and the development of industry support measures and programs, including the now replaced Automotive Competitiveness Investment Scheme (ACIS).

It worked with the Federal Government in the development of the New Car Plan for a Greener Future, whose centrepiece is the Automotive Transformation Scheme (ATS), which sees funding of $3.4b between 2011 and 2020 and other support mechanisms for the components sector including:

•    Automotive Industry Structural Adjustment Program (AISAP) $116.3m
•    Automotive Supplier Capability Development Fund (ASCDF) $20m
•    Automotive Market Access Program (AMAP) $6.3m.

The FAPM was successful in influencing the Federal Government to bring forward funding for the AISAP fund and then subsequently worked to have unused funds rolled over into the new financial year of 2011/12.

The FAPM is currently ensuring that the impact of the proposed carbon price is fully understood by the Federal Government and that it does not erode the sector’s competitiveness.

The FAPM has been central to the establishment and development of organisations and programs that directly benefit companies in the automotive components sector, including:

•    Automotive Supplier Excellence Australia (ASEA) - www.asea.net.au
•    Benchmarking and Learning Program
•    Team Automotive Australia (TAA) - www.teamaustraliaauto.com
•    Supplier Assistance Coordinator

The FAPM also plays a key role in the ongoing operations of ASEA and the TAA program, and also has contributed to their funding. It provides secretariat services for the AutoLink program (http://autolinkaustralia.com.au/)

The FAPM has been representing the interests of suppliers and pursuing outcomes that deliver a range of benefits to its members for more than 50 years.
Your membership of the FAPM ensures that the automotive sector continues to have a strong voice and can influence outcomes that directly benefit your business.

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