• Minister D'Ambrosio announces Future Industries Fund Sector Growth Program for Victorian Businesses
  • Sector Growth Program Guidelines
  • FAPM joins the VACC

The Economics and Statistics Committee monitors market trends, production and stock trends, to provide industry production forecasts. The Committee includes representatives from member companies that have a comprehensive background in servicing one or more of the car manufacturers or in supplying non-optional components.

The Committee publishes:

  • The Forward Model Planning Register
  • The new model register continues to monitor the development of new models about to enter the market. The register is used by the Committee to help crystalise its thinking about future trends in production.
  • Motor vehicle retail sales data available to members who subscribe to the FAPM Vfacts Service.
  • Other automotive and economic data
  • Other statistical information (FAPM members only)

Current forecasts
Forward model plans
Vehicle production forecasts
Vehicle sales forecasts
Statistics general

Monthly statistics (FAPM Members only)
Motor vehicle stocks

Annual statistics (FAPM Members only)
Annual production by country

Membership of the Committee is open to all members of the Federation. Please email FAPM if you would like to find out how membership of the Committee can be a competitive advantage to your firm.

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