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6 Ways to Make Sure Your Small Kitchen is Super Functional Despite its Size

Have you always whined about your kitchen being too small and inconvenient? Perhaps it is not the size, but other little things that make it feel so. Here are 6 things you’d want to try doing to make your small kitchen feel less small.

Decluttering and Filtering

One main rule that applies to small spaces is to get rid of basically anything you don’t ‘really’ need. The ‘just in case’ items you are saving or storing in the cabinets and drawers can all be stored in a labelled box in a storage room located elsewhere. The extras and the seldom-used items that you just cannot give away can be kept in a secluded place to be accessed when required.

Don’t Compromise on the Sink

The most common mistake many make is opting for a small sink for their small kitchen. This is one of the things you absolutely shouldn’t do. There are so many other things you can go easy on if you want to manage space, and the sink is definitely not one of them! Consider opting for specific designs instead, such as getting one with a built in drainboard for instance, that will make matters convenient.

Rethink Refrigerator Options

The idea of a small fridge might not sound appealing. However, once again, you might want to reconsider and decide whether you ‘actually’ need a refrigerator as big as the one you’ve got. If you think you can do with a smaller one, don’t hesitate! After all, smaller fridges lead to healthier eating habits!

Choose Tall Cabinets

Explore your storage options and make best use of the best techniques. Tall cabinets that go all the way up to the ceiling is something that small kitchen owners recommend. The topmost cabinets can be used to store items like paper napkins, party supplies, and seldom-used appliances and items, which can be quite a lot of stuff altogether, and you just can’t think of a better place to store them, can you? Look for guys who do professional kitchen renovations in Brunswick, and seek advice on how to get your cabinets done beautifully.

Choose Big Tiles

Have not you heard people see that opting for a big and plain often gives a space a sort of magnified appearance? That is right. This trick is more about how your kitchen will ‘look’ and perhaps ‘feel’, too. The bigger it looks, the spacious it should feel, no doubt about it. This is something recommended by expert designers to those who often tend to feel dissatisfied about their tiny kitchens. Consider trying it yourself, and see what difference it can make!

Be Smart in Your Arrangement

If you think you haven’t really a clue how to arrange and set your kitchen up in such a way that the little space is used super economically, it definitely won’t be a bad idea reaching out to expert designers for help. These guys should help advice you on what to place where, and what not to place in the kitchen – all of which can make a massive impact on how your kitchen will look and feel, and most of all, how functional it turns out ultimately!

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