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Advantages of Solar Street Lights

Street lighting is essential in every public space. Aside from providing light to help drivers and pedestrians through the streets at night, it also creates a safer atmosphere for everyone who is outside when it is already dark. There are plenty of solar street lighting solutions to choose from but one of the most cost efficient one is solar street light.

A lot of cities have used solar street lights to brighten up public spaces at night. The government could save a lot when it comes to the cost of energy since solar energy is free and a sustainable energy source. Here are some of the benefits of solar street lights which made them a more popular option than other lighting solutions.


Regular light bulbs consume a lot of energy and emit more heat but its light output isn’t that bright enough. With these solar street lights, you can save up on energy since it is powered by the sun for free. Aside from that, solar street lights usually have LED light bulbs which are more energy efficient, emit lesser heat, and toxic chemicals making it a greener lighting alternative.

Cost Efficient

Another great thing with solar street lights is its cost efficiency. You can save a lot on energy expenses since it doesn’t need electricity from the grid. Although the initial installation could cost a little more due to the additional solar panels, the savings that could be gained from it is worth it in the long run.

Low Maintenance

Unlike other traditional street lighting solutions, solar street lighting is relatively low maintenance. When it rains, the solar panels get cleaned naturally so there’s no need to go up to every lamp post to clean them. Aside from that, a controller could be added to the fixture which dictates when the light needs to turn on or off making it almost an automatic street light.

Safer to Install

Compared to traditional street lighting that uses electricity as its power source, solar street lights are relatively safer to install. You don’t need to have a grid system and underground utilities to power each fixture. There are also lesser obstacles that could interrupt the power supply of the street light. Simply set up the pole where you want to place the street light and it would be good on its own. It will get its power source from the solar panels attached to every post, making it easier and safer to install.

Free Energy Source

Lastly, solar energy is free and sustainable. There will be no electric bill to pay every month but you still have a well-lit city at night without any energy cost. Aside from that, your street lights won’t be affected by blackouts or power interruptions because they have their own power source.

Solar street lights are indeed a great and worth it choice to light up streets and even other public spaces such as parks, parking lots, and many more. You can create a safer atmosphere at night with a good lighting solution such as solar street lights.

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