Benefits of LPR for Parking Lots

LPR or license plate recognition has made parking so much easier. You can actually integrate it into your existing parking surveillance system so that you can upgrade it. This feature will scan the license plates of the vehicles entering the parking lot. The information scanned will be stored in a database so that you are able to manage the parking lot a lot easier.

While there are parking lot rules, it can be a little difficult to enforce it while keeping your operational costs low. But with a parking system that comes with license plate recognition, this will be made so much easier. You can use this system in any kind of parking lot whether in a school, workplace, business etc. There is high accuracy when it comes to license plate recognition video analytics. You can eliminate human errors when you use this system and you will be able to benefit from accurate parking records all the time. So if there is a vehicle that has broken a rule, you will be able to track it easily and ensure the citation is accurate. Without such a system in place, you will have unregistered vehicles entering the parking lot and the only way to spot them is by checking them manually. This can take a lot of time and effort. The manual system is also not practical especially when the parking lot is large. You will have to employ a lot more people and pay salaries every month just to do this.

But when you have license plate recognition, your system will automatically know if there is an unregistered vehicle trying to enter the parking lot. It will send an alert to your security team so that they can deal with it. If there are only approved vehicles that are parking in the space, you can have the number plate information of these approved vehicles in the database so that the system knows who to admit or not. And this way, you don’t need to both with a physical permit or ticket. You can have a virtual permit for those approved to park in the space. For example, if you have a staff parking lot, the staff members can have a virtual permit that is recognized by the system. If there are certain vehicles that should be prohibited from the parking lot, you can do this as well with the license plate recognition system.

While verifying the identity of the vehicle at the entry point manually will not be an issue in off-peak hours, it can quickly create a traffic jam during peak times. Your security team will be overwhelmed and the vehicle owners will be frustrated at the delay. But with this system, you can have traffic flowing smoothly without stopping and taking up time. The scanner will automatically take down the license plate number. Preventing traffic can also reduce the number of accidents that can occur. Customer satisfaction will also improve when you have an efficient system with accurate ticketing.

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