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Considerations for Choosing Boat Trailer Accessories

There are different accessories and parts used to ensure the safety of the boat along with the boating experience. And when choosing accessories, there are a few factors that you have to consider to make sure you are choosing the right part for the boat.

The size and weight of the boat have to be considered when selecting boat trailer parts. There are different boat trailers and they are designed to handle specific boat weights and sizes. When choosing winches, bunks etc. for the boat, you need to consider the existing dimensions and the weight so that you can ensure proper fit. This will also help in distributing weight properly.

You will need to have winches and straps to fasten the boat to the trailer during transport and you need to consider the type of winches required. You can find manual and electric winches. It is more convenient to use an electric winch but manual winches are more cost-effective. Consider the weight capacity of the winch. This should generally be more than the weight of the boat so you can ensure safety in loading and unloading.

You will find straps made from polyester, nylon along with other materials. Nylon is resistant to UV damage and is very strong. When it comes to polyester, it has high abrasion resistance. You have to consider the environmental conditions when choosing a strap.

One of the essential components needed for boat trailers is self-cantering keel rollers

These can be used for boats that have different hull shapes or deep keels. The boat will be guided onto the trailer using the rollers and it will be centred correctly during this process. When choosing the right roller, check whether its material and size are compatible with the weight of the boat and design of the hull. You can find rollers made of polyurethane and rubber which are quite long lasting as well.

During loading and unloading, you can use ribbed wobble rollers to support and guide the board. The ribbed surface will reduce the sticking or marking of the hull especially when the boat is on the trailer for a long time. Look for a rib design that minimises friction. Polyurethane or high quality rubber are great for ribbed wobble rollers due to their durability. Then there are keel rollers that will protect the keel of the boat during towing and loading.

To secure the bow of the boat when you are transporting it

You can use a winch post vee block which is fitted between the boat and the winch. This will prevent lateral movement. Consider the material of the vee block and its strength. The size and design of this should be compatible with the shape and size of the boat. If you have damaged spool rollers on the trailer, they can be replaced by keel spool rollers which are made of polyurethane or high quality rubber for UV resistance and durability. These materials are also resistant to corrosion by saltwater.

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