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End of Lease Cleaning for Residential Kitchens

Kitchens can get into a bad state quickly if cleaning is not kept up. So if you are leasing a property and planning to move out, you need to make sure that all areas of the property are cleaned and looked after to ensure that your bond money is returned at the end. An important area for you to focus on is the kitchen. There are so many surfaces in there that can collect a lot of dust and dirt such as countertops, flooring, cabinets, sinks etc. so you have to make sure a deep cleaning is carried out.

You can also carry out end of lease cleaning by yourself, but there is a risk as you can miss certain areas. Also, when working with professional cleaners, they will know which products and equipment are required for the job without causing damage to the property. They will also be methodical when it comes to cleaning. For example, they will focus on the kitchen exhaust system such as kitchen exhaust riser cleaning as this is an area that is often neglected and also misunderstood when it comes to cleaning practices. Make sure you carry out thorough research to select a company for end of lease kitchen cleaning so that there is nothing standing in your way of collecting the bond money. If the property is not in the same condition as it was leased, the landlord can keep the money to carry out essential cleaning and maintenance.

Professional cleaners will have a thorough knowledge of cleaning tricks that will help you get through the final inspection done by the landlord. The stovetop is an area that can get dirty very easily and professional cleaners will ensure that it is left stain-free and clean using a number of methods. There can be a lot of food residue deposited on the stovetop so this can be removed using a microfiber cloth and tough stains can be removed with a combination of warm water, dishwashing soap and white vinegar. They will ensure that there are no stains left at the end of cleaning. The sink will have lost its shine after some time of using the property. So you will need to sanitise it and make sure that there is no food residue or any other debris that can lead to mould growth. Check if the company is using environmentally friendly sanitizer to get rid of bacteria and germs. Eco-friendly cleaning products should be given priority.

A deep clean is essential for your kitchen counters, cupboards and other storage solutions as they will have a lot of dust and dirt accumulated in nooks and crannies. The cleaning company will know which cleaning product to use on certain materials without compromising its finish. You also need to have appliances cleaned. One of the most used appliances is the microwave and you will be surprised at how much grease and grime is built up on it. The oven and fridge should also be cleaned out thoroughly. You can make sure that perishable food is kept in a cooler while the fridge is being cleaned. The exterior and interior of all appliances should be given the same attention.

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