House Extension Ideas for the Ground Floor

You can bring new life to your home with an extension and ensure that your home is perfectly suited to your lifestyle. Sometimes we need additional space and the living areas will require some modifications.

When it comes to extending the ground floor

A popular idea is open concept living. Many home renovations Brighton consider open living where there is a smooth transition between the living areas and the kitchen. This is a great way to maximise natural light. This openness will also strengthen the sense of connectivity of the house. You will be able to easily see somebody in the family room from the kitchen and this allows you to be more aware of the surroundings. You can have the kitchen flowing into the family room and the dining so that it allows for easy interactions. This will help create a more inclusive atmosphere. You can also create a kitchen island and have this be the centre of the open plan space. This can be a functional workspace for the kitchen and it can also divide the family room and the kitchen easily. There can be additional seating for the kitchen island so that you have a casual dining area. This can be where the entire family has a casual breakfast together in the morning. A more formal dining table can be used for other meals.

Many ground floor extensions help strengthen

The connection between the indoor and outdoor areas. This can be facilitated by using large glass windows or doors. This will bring in a lot of natural light from the outdoors and this will visually expand the space. The downstairs plan will feel larger and it will create a more inviting area. You can also use folding or sliding glass doors so that the area can be opened up and the indoors and outdoors can be easily merged into one space. You can then incorporate an outdoor deck or patio so that more people can be accommodated. Also, if you have a great view, the windows can open up into this and the newly constructed deck can be a place to relax and entertain friends.

The family room

Can be modified so that it has flexible seating options for so many different activities. You can have ottomans with storage inside along with comfortable chairs and sectional sofas. You can create areas for large gatherings as well as intimate conversations. This will help you adjust the space to different occasions. You can also use integrated appliances in the ground floor extension for better efficiency. You have hidden refrigerators, concealed dishwashers and built-in ovens so that a streamlined aesthetic can be achieved. Statement lighting can also help bring everything together and help you highlight certain areas. For example, you can have pendant lighting above the kitchen island. Also, you can maintain visual continuity in the ground floor by having the same flooring throughout the space. This way, there is a seamless flow between the spaces.

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