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How To Find the Perfect Gift for A Friend

When shopping for a gift for a friend there are questions you can ask yourself which could aid in you finding the perfect gift. For example, you can ask yourself would your friend like the gift? Would he or she find it useful? Is this something he or she needs? By asking yourself such questions, it could help you with the process.


What would your friend like? If your friend is someone who is into makeup, then purchasing makeup will be a good idea as makeup is not something that you can have too much of. Especially as there are always different trends, having a wide range of makeup to select from can be both helpful and exciting to someone who enjoys wearing makeup.

Where to look?

If you are not sure where to purchase makeup from and if it’s a surprise, browse The Kind Collective’s face makeup range. This will aid you in your search for makeup.

The budget

Before purchasing the gift, it will be a good idea to first decide on a budget. Once you have decided on a budget, the search for makeup could be made easier as then you will know where to look. However, although you may set a budget for yourself you should also consider the quality of makeup that you purchase. Therefore, more than the budget it will be a good idea to take into account the quality of the product.

What products to get?

Although your friend may like makeup there could be certain types of makeup that she does not like. For example, she could be someone who does not like wearing blush. Therefore, purchasing a makeup set which contains blush might be a waste as this product will not be used. If she does not like wearing lipstick and only prefers lip gloss then purchasing a makeup set that comes with three different shades of lipsticks amongst other products will not be of much use to her.

Therefore, instead of purchasing a set it might be a good idea to instead pick out individual items as then you can make sure that your friend is able to wear all the products that you purchase for her. Once you know which products to get for her, it will also be beneficial if you knew the kinds of tones she wore.

For example, if she likes eyeshadow and wears it daily then you will have a rough idea of the colours she usually wears. Keeping this in mind when selecting a palate will be helpful as this could increase the chances of you selecting colours that your friend would love.


Before purchasing makeup, it will be a good idea to know where your friend usually gets her makeup from. Once you know the brand that she is comfortable with it will then be easier to shop for her. However, if you were to try a new brand there could be the chance of her having an allergic reaction to some of the products. Therefore, if you were to have an idea of the names of brands she does and does not like or the names of the brands that she chooses to avoid, then this could be beneficial to you.

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