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How to Increase Storage in Your Campus Housing Room

There is generally little space when you live in campus housing. Many off-campus accommodation options also offer limited space unless you have a larger budget. But even with limited space, there are ways to fit everything you want inside without the area looking cluttered.

Many people tend to ignore vertical space.

Instead of taking up valuable floor space, you can use hooks, wall mounted shelves and organisers to make the most of your vertical space. Make sure to reach out to UQ on campus accommodation to see what is acceptable and what is not when it comes to installing more storage solutions. You can use the vertical space to store books, accessories and sometimes even clothing. Don’t underestimate how useful the back of your room door can be. You can install hanging shoe organisers in them to keep small items. And this can be where your outerwear is kept so that youcan easily grab it before you go. You can have shelves above the desk to keep books and other essentials. It is good to choose multifunctional furniture when picking what to bring to your campus room. For example, if you are bringing a bed, look for one with built-in drawers. Some campuses will let you use the same bed frame. In this case, you can look for storage on wheels or drawers that can be placed under the bed.

If you are bringing a desk, look for one that comes with many compartments.

And you can even look for a daybed that will transform into seating during the daytime. Or if you don’t want to go through the hassle of transforming your bed every day, you can look into ottomans that allow you to take the seat/lid off so that items can be stored inside. Storage bins will be a great investment when keeping your room clean. It’s best to use clear bins as you will be able to see what is inside easily. You can also label them if you prefer not to have visual clutter. Translucent bins are another idea. These bins can have your toiletries, stationeries, electronics etc. And if you can separate everything into zones and make sure that each item has its own space, it can be very easy to organise them.

The space over your door

Is another under-utilised space and you can choose many storage solutions here. You can have hangingorganisers or shelves to hold accessories, shoes etc. This will help you gain more clear floor space. You should also optimise space in the closet. You can use slim hangers or space saving hangers. And drawers or fabric organisers can be very helpful as you can simply fold your clothes and keep them organised in a small place. Tension rods can be used to create additional hanging space. And it can be helpful when you keep your space minimal removing clutter as much as possible. When you are packing items to move into your room, consider what is essential and what is not.

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