How to Select Flyscreens for Home

The number of insects in home surroundings increases with the warm season and flyscreens are a great solution to keep your home free of bugs. But you need to choose quality flyscreens so that they last a long time and provide sufficient protection.

You have to understand your specific needs when it comes to flyscreens.

You can check what kinds of flyscreens are available in your area and whether you need fly screen doors Kyneton or windows or both.            There will be aesthetic preferences to consider as well because there are different materials and styles available on the market. If you are looking for constant protection from bugs, you can use fixed screens. These are permanently installed on doors and windows. The downside of this will be your view will always be obstructed and there can be some limitation of airflow when the doors and windows are closed. For a more versatile option, you can choose the retractable type where you can pull the screen across the window or door when it is needed only. When you don’t need it, you can simply retract the screen and this will allow you to have an unobstructed view of the outdoors with plenty of natural airflow. There are magnetic flyscreens as well and these can be easily installed to the frames of doors and windows.

You can also find sliding screens where you can slide them horizontally to open or close.

If you have larger openings, this is a good option to consider and you can customise the size of the screen according to the size of the opening. Hinged screens are mounted on hinges and you can swing them open or closed. When choosing between sliding or hinged, think about the amount of space you have to open the screen. If you don’t have a lot of space, it is best to go with sliding screens. You will also come across different materials for flyscreens. Aluminium flyscreens are known for their lightweight property. They are also highly durable and resistant to corrosion. If you have harsh weather, stainless steel flyscreens are a great option given their high resistance to corrosion. Fibreglass is also a material that is used and it is lightweight and easy to install.

In retractable and roller screens you can find polyester and these are resistant to tearing.

You can also choose screens that are made from pet-friendly mesh if you have any pets so that it can resist chewing and scratching. You also have to consider the size and density of the mesh. The mesh size should be small so that it prevents insects from entering the house but is should also allow sufficient visibility and airflow. The higher density mesh screens are recommended as they offer better protection when it comes to very small insects. Think about the longevity of the flyscreens as well. You need to check what makes it easier to maintain. For example, if you have a screen where the panels or frames are removable, it is easier to clean.

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