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How To Use a Dishwasher Right: Tips for First Timers?

Have you just gotten your very first, brand new dishwasher for your new home? You certainly have all the reasons to be excited, however, you need to make sure you know some basics before you hastily lay your hands on it. Here are some basics that should help.

Understanding the Dishwasher

To start off, you need to understand the basic function of a dishwasher. In simple words, a dishwasher is used to wash, clean, and dry out dishes mechanically. The machine uses detergent that is loaded into it, and water from one or several sources to remove soil, clean and rinse off. In other words, all you need to do is load the dishes)and the detergent into the machine (all this needs to be done with some care, so don’t forget to look at the user manual) and let it do its work.

Not all dishwashers work in exactly the same way therefore always study the manual that comes with your appliance. This way, you can avoid having problems with your brand-new machine. Of course, It is never difficult to look for dishwasher repairs in Sydney – there are plenty of experts around. Nevertheless, handling your machine with care is very important, no matter what.


Washing usually happens in cycles. Thus, the amount of water your dishwasher will need depends on how many cycles or how much washing it has got to do.This certainly could vary, however, unlike what many think, a dishwasher uses a relatively small amount of water every time as it does its job in cycles.

You need to know that the amount of water is not all that matters. Water temperature is quite a crucial factor when it comes to dissolving detergent and removing soil. Thus, you need to make sure the water isn’t too cold (usually not any lower than 130 degrees).


Dishwashers require detergent that have special characteristic to help it do its work. Using the wrong dishwasher, or the wrong amounts will not only result in poorly washed dishes and a waste of time, water, and energy, but also ruin the machine with time. You also need to store the detergent in a cool and dry place so it remains good as long as it lasts. The wrong environment can cause changes in its composition and will result in it not working as effectively as it is supposed to.


Most dispenser use rinse agents – some have an automatic dispenser for it while others might require you to add solid rinse agents bought from the store. Always choose to use it, no matter in what form, so you have a clean job done.

Maintenance and Safety

You need to practice safety and maintenance just like you would when it comes to any other kitchen appliance. Make sure children do not have easy access to the machine or the detergent. Make it a point to keep it unplugged when not in use. Clean the dishwasher parts as required- take great care when you do, and if you aren’t sure how something is done, just don’t do it.

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