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Key Side Step Maintenance Tips 

Maybe you are too small to climb into your tall sport utility vehicle without assistance, or you have movement limitations that end up making this difficult. In any case, investing in foldable running boards for your truck could be one of the best decisions you will make.

These stylish truck additions connect to the bottom side of the vehicle along either side and it can be pulled out or retracted with a single button press. Adding this type of equipment to your pickup truck, on the other hand, means you’ll there’s something extra to maintain. Here are a few key steps in maintaining your foldable running board.

When not being used or while driving, fold the foot boards

The extendable running boards aren’t particularly large, but they’re wide enough to adjust the dimensions of your truck slightly. Running boards, like the fender and rear-view mirrors, jut out while they’re out, making them more vulnerable to damages than other sections of the truck. Because a twig in the road or something protruding out that you don’t see could easily strike and harm the side boards, it’s crucial to keep them tucked away when not in use.

Keep the maximum weight of the side boards in consideration

Because most extendable running boards are rather durable and can hold a significant amount of weight, almost anyone can safely jump on them without fear of causing harm. These auto additions do, however, have a maximum weight that you should be aware of. More than one individual standing on the side panels or putting something too heavy on them for a long period of time should be avoided.

Keep your extendable running boards clean by scrubbing them on a regular basis

Since most car side steps are located on the lower border of the truck, they are more likely to come into contact with road salt, dirt, as well as other corrosive compounds than other parts of the vehicle. As a result, cleaning your side boards on a routine basis will be critical.

If the material on the side boards is not wiped off, it can cause corrosion and rust, as well as harm to the units’ working components. If you reside in a region where salt-based de-icing is popular, be extra careful about washing the side boards throughout the winter.

The Most Common Issues with Aluminium Running Boards

Although aluminium is sturdy and high corrosion resistance, metal is not without flaws. The following are some of the problems that aluminium can cause:

Water Staining

Aluminium is susceptible to water staining. Moisture staining appears as a white powdery residue on the aluminium’s exterior. Water staining, on the other hand, has no effect on aluminium’s structural qualities. It has only a cosmetic effect.


Scratches are common on aluminium side panels. Scratches on the aluminium surface could be caused by rubbing a hard or sharp object against it.


Rust is a problem with aluminium side boards. Rusting appears on the board as little spots. The spots get larger with time, detracting from the board’s appearance.

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