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New Ways of Harvesting Power

As long as humans have been around, we’ve tried to make our lives easier and a little bit more convenient. We realized early on that if we harness the power of other animals and fuel sources, the energy that we could generate could power engines and make our lives a whole lot easier. This is why we have a booming and completely indispensable matrix of factories dedicated to supplying the country with megawatt after megawatt of unbridled electricity.

However, the world is changing, the oil is burning titans of yesteryear are becoming endangered due to a crystal-clear realization that if we don’t start planning to move towards alternate sources of energy, there will be blackouts all across the world. In this article, we will be discussing some of the alternative sources of energy that have been dreamt up in the minds of eco warriors across the world. If you would like to power your office, your home, or the neighborhood that you manage with an excellent alternative to the national power grid, then look no further than megatronic power automation.

So, what are some of the alternate ways that are still being researched across the globe? One of the most promising endeavors is the endeavor to harvest heat produced by trains. That’s right. The heat in metro lines used to be thought of as a waste of energy, a completely unusable by product of the train engine. We now know that that is false. Many major cities across the globe have commenced projects that make use of this heat, and how does it work? By redirecting the excess heat found in metro stations to office spaces and homes in the surrounding area. This type of project is not only found in metro stations. You will find this kind of technology in use in more popular areas as well such as in the Mall of America.

Another way that is a little unusual but fascinating to know about is by using confiscated alcohol. You may not have thought that it would be possible, but Sweden has invented a technology that allows it to power trains using the liquor that is confiscated in customs every year. The alcohol is converted into biogas that powers the trains. In Japan, they have more zany ways of generating electricity and one of them is by processing and burning adult diapers. Japan has a very rapidly aging population. This means that they go through a lot of adult diapers every year. Rather than simply throwing them away, they process them through a recycling system that makes them into fuel that can be burned and used in a number of ways. It seems very primitive on the surface, however, the more you look into it the more ingenious you realize it is. The Japanese have also devised ways of harnessing the energy created by moving around vigorously on the dancefloor. Dancing creates a transfer of energy from your body to the floor. This ingenious technology transforms that energy into electricity using a series of specially designed impact sensitive pads. They are currently in use all over Tokyo.

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