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Reasons to Install a Glass Splashback

A splashback is a protective panel that is mounted on the wall behind the sink or cooker. This is usually continued along the kitchen counters. There are different types of splashback materials, colours, textures, sizes etc. but in this article we are focusing on glass splashbacks.

A glass splashback from AAA glass will protect your kitchen walls, tiles and the paintwork from splashes and stains. Oil stains especially are quite common in the area around the stove. And cooking can be quite messy often. In certain other materials, the residue from cooing whether it is oil, food particles, grease etc. can collect in the seams and edges. This can lead to staining o the material. This is something you see commonly in tile splashbacks. The grout can collect a lot of dirt over time and it can take a very long time to clean it. And sometimes, you will need to either replace or renew the grout completely. This is not something you have to deal with glass splashbacks. Certain materials can be affected by steam that is quite common around the stove but your glass splashback will be no worse for wear with this. All you need to do is use a gentle cloth to wipe the condensation.

A kitchen has to be a very hygienic place and this partly depends on the nature of materials used in this space. And if you have a tiled splashback, as mentioned above, this can collect a lot of food splatters and grease in the grout lines. And in extreme cases, you may even notice mould growing in these cracks. But as cleaning is so easy with glass splashbacks, you don’t need to worry about the cleanliness of the kitchen. And there are no joints or seams in glass. You can customise it to the size of your kitchen so you can have a full panel installed. So there will be no seams for food splatter to collect in. And you don’t need to brush or put effort into cleaning. A bit of gentle dishwashing liquid wiped with a cloth will do the trick and the glass splashback will look squeaky clean and shiny.

You can also improve the aesthetics of your kitchen by adding a glass splashback. You can put any colour you want which makes matching the interior décor you already have very easy. Many other materials are limited with colours and patterns. The sky is the limit when it comes to glass backlashes. There are also so many different finishes, cuts and designs that you can use to create a unique kitchen. And it is very easy to install as well. Like tiling, installing a glass backsplash doesn’t take a lot of time. All you need is a professional to mount it on the wall. There are custom glass suppliers that will be able to install the backlash in no time. And due to the properties of glass, there is very little maintenance and you will be able to have this for a long time. It is highly durable and it is a timeless material so this is a classic look that will never go out of style.

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