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The Best Remedies to Help Relive Constipation

There are several reasons as to why people often experience a difficulty in going to the toilet. While for some it may be a time-to-time thing depending on factors such as pregnancy or medications, for others it could be due to a bad diet intake with the lack of proper certain important food.

When it comes to relieving constipation, there are many forms of remedies out there, many of which are natural and effective. So, if you are in fact having a hard time passing stool and are looking for some of the best remedies to help ease the constipation, we have listed a few of them below.

Staying hydrated

One of the most important habits you are encouraged to build on a day-to-day basis is the proper consumption of water in order to stay hydrated. Drinking ample amount of water is known to be beneficial for many things including constipation. The water aids in proper digestion and helps avoid your stool from hardening.

Drinking hot beverages

Sometimes we underestimate the value of our daily cup of tea and coffee. And we’re not talking about just any tea or coffee, its hot cups of tea or coffee that often help ease the relieving of stool. The heat helps in breaking down the solids and thus making the passing of stool less hard and painful. Taking in herbal tea for constipation is also one of the most recommended ways to go!

Exercising regularly

Another habit we’re often encourage to build on a regular basis is exercising. In order to balance a healthy lifestyle, we not only need all the glorious minerals and vitamins but rather we need to stay physically fit and active too. Exercising helps in stimulating several parts of your body and organs such as your intestines and colon. This results in healthy and smooth bowel movements.

Eating apricots and prunes

Two of the healthiest choice of snacks that can help in curing your constipation and make the passing of your stool healthy is apricots and snacks. Having the apricot stewed and the prunes dried are the suggested forms. While you can snack on this on it its own, you can also add them to your everyday diet. For example, you can top off your smoothie bowls, oats or even granola bowls with them.

Less fat food more fibre

If you’re facing constipation, it’s worth keeping in mind that consuming more fibre related food can be extremely beneficial. Fibre is known to increase the bulk as well as the consistency of your stool. Alongside that it is also important that you don’t consume unnecessary amounts of unhealthy fat as they are harder to break and digest which can have a negative impact on your stool passing.

Another remedies worth noting is that taking a tablespoon of oils such as olive oil or coconut oil can act as a laxative to your digestive system. It is also advised never to skip a bathroom break!

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