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Things To Remember When Planning an Outdoor Wedding

While an outdoor wedding seems like a dream wedding, with the backdrop of greenery and the sun setting, it is also a difficult process. Everything that you might get with a wedding hall should be newly added to your outdoor setting.

From tables and chairs to cutlery, crockery and every little minute detail. An alfresco wedding means you need to be on top of things; and if you don’t have a wedding planner, having a checklist of all the things to do, all the items you need in place should be handed over to someone responsible.

Tell your guests

An outdoor wedding means the guests will have to dress and prepare appropriately in advance for your function; from their clothing to makeup to shoes. It would be best if you tell them on the invite about your outdoor function, and perhaps even suggest the kind of footwear or clothes to wear because it is likely to help them stay comfortable throughout the event. If it gets chilly at night, then the guests will know to bring a shawl or a wrap and be prepared for the weather as well.

Keep the guests comfortable

Let’s face it; outdoor weddings can be a little inconvenient for the guests. Muddy grounds, windy locations, humid weather will make things a little difficult to enjoy the function. So, it is crucial that you ensure their comfort during the event by pre-planning.

Having platforms for potentially muddy locations, keeping hand held fans if the location is warm and humid, handing out slippers if they want to dance, keeping coolers and AC’s will go long way. If your wedding is in an isolated location, be sure to look for portable toilet hire to ensure maximum comfort and convenience for the guests

Décor to a minimal

One of the most popular reasons for having your wedding outdoors is because the décor will look absolutely phenomenal when you are able to have your event outside. But it Is important to select décor that blends in with your atmosphere and background.

Invasive, bulky décor pieces will not be suitable for outdoor weddings especially if a marquee is involved. Minimal, simple, floral décor with a lot of lights if the wedding is in the evening hours will help make it look like the picture-perfect event.

Pets are an option

Another reason people opt for outdoor weddings is because of their pets. They can roam freely, and you can make your lifelong companion a part of your biggest day. If you’re considering it, then it is crucial that you make sure there’s someone always taking care of your pet, even if they’re the most well behaved. You don’t want your pet running around, creating havoc on your big day. Having their food sorted and making sure they’re comfortable will ensure a smooth functioning of the event.

Organizing your outdoor wedding will not be an easy feat. But, if planned well, the outcome of it will be the most rewarding. Be sure to prepare well, and keep track of everything that goes on when planning one!

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