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Tips for Selecting a Hair Topper

Hair toppers are a great option for individuals who are dealing with hair loss or thinning hair. You can also add more volume to your hair by using this. A hair topper is worn on the crown of the head and can be used in place of a full wig.

You have to understand your hair loss concerns when selecting the right topper

There can be a certain thinning pattern in your hair. For example, you may be experiencing hair loss in the sides of the head, on top of the head or both. You can use a crown human hair topper if you are losing hair on the top of your head. There are also front hairline toppers that can be used to cover up hair loss along the hairline. A side hair topper can be used to add volume to the sides or temples of your head.

There are different levels of coverage when it comes to hair toppers. There are full coverage and full coverage toppers which can be chosen according to your hair thinning or hair loss concerns. Partial coverage can be used if you have a specific area where you have hair loss. This will blend in seamlessly to your natural hair so that it will not cause any noticeable difference. However, this is recommended to use for smaller thinning areas.

If you have larger areas of hair loss, it is best to go with a full coverage hair topper

This can be used on the side or top of the head. You can also style the hair topper as you prefer. If you are looking to add volume to your crown, you can consider a crown volumiser. This is a great solution for thinning crown hair or flat hair on top of your head. Think about the level of coverage you need for the result to look natural.

There are also different types and colours of hair so you have to select a hair topper that matches your natural hair. You can find toppers that come in human and synthetic hair. There are also hair toppers that have a combination of human and synthetic hair. The most natural look will be achieved with human hair and you can actually style and treat this hair the way you do your natural hair.

There is less maintenance when you use synthetic hair toppers and these come pre-styled

These are also more affordable compared to the human hair types but you will experience some limitations when it comes to styling. You can get a combination of the benefits in synthetic and human hair when you select blended hair. This will still be more affordable than natural hair. Make sure that the hair colour of the topper matches your natural colour. You can always rely on the expertise of a professional stylist when matching the colour of the hair perfectly. You need to ensure that the hair topper fits your head accurately and for this you will need to measure your head.

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