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Types of Rim Repair Services

The rims of your vehicle are both functional and contribute to the aesthetic appeal. But with daily driving, there can be damage to the rims as a result of curbs and potholes. But you can repair this damage by going to a rim repair service. In this article, we will go through some of the services offered under this category.

You can find many tyre shops Perth that will provide rim repair services. A common repair service they will offer is repairing bent rims. This can be by hitting potholes or other road hazards. When you have a bent rim, the performance of the vehicle can be compromised and can lead to misalignment. Special tools and equipment will be used to straighten the best rims so that the structural integrity is restored contributing to a smoother ride. There is a lot of cosmetic damage repaired at these services such as scratches and scuffs.

This will not affect functionality but it will definitely bring down the visual appeal of the rims. Some of the techniques used to repair these are sanding, filling and refinishing. This will help protect the rim against corrosion as well. If you have a dented rim after hitting a curb, this will need to be reshaped and smoothed out again. This is a service that should be provided by a professional technician. They will have the right tools to restore the original shape and contours of the rims ensuring structural integrity.

The original paint on the wheel rim

Can fade over time and this can also peel, chip or get scratched off in some places. You can repaint the rims in this situation. This is done by stripping off the old paint. The surface has to be prepared before a new finish can be applied. This will improve the appearance of the rims and provide an additional barrier of protection against the elements so that it is protected against rust and corrosion. Rim refurbishment is another service that will be provided where multiple issues will be taken care of at the same time. For example, when you choose a rim refurbishment service, the technicians will take care of any dents or scratches along with repairing dents, bent rims and finish off with a fresh coat of paint. If your rims have been subjected to structural and cosmetic damage both, this can be a good option to consider.

Some service providers also offer rim reconditioning

This is something that goes beyond cosmetic repairs. This will help restore the overall condition of the wheel rims. If there is structural damage, this will be repaired along with any cosmetic issues. They will ensure that the rims meet the required factory specifications so that the lifespan of the rims can be extended. This is a great way to improve performance. If you are looking to replace a damaged rim completely, you can consider a used rim as it is a budget friendly approach. This way, you can still improve the performance and structural integrity without having to contend with the expense for a brand new rim.

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